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  • Shot Blasting
  • Bead Blasting
  • Powder Coating
  • Wet Paint Spraying 

Manual Shot Blasting


We offer a shot blasting service for all items which will fit in our blast room which is (W) 3.5m x(D) 5.8m x (H) 3.6m


Our blast pot is made by hodge clemco in the uk and uses fine aluminuim oxide or steel grit. It is approximately .2mm in diameter so the finish leaves a perfect surface profile for powder coating and painting over. 


We also offer a Glass bead blasting service for small items made of non-ferrous metal. This can be used to clean up old aluminuim casings for motorbikes or cars, of to remove welding burns from stainless steel.


Automatic Shot Blasting


We have an automated blast machine with a 710mm long and 500mm diameter which is used for cleaning small parts, it uses steel shot which leaves a smooth finish and is great for cast parts.



Pre Treatment


We use a 5 stage dip process for treatment of mild steel, aluminium and galvanised steel. This can pass a 1000 hour salt spray test on aluminium but can be extended with different products at customers request.


Tanks sizes are 4M X 1.1M x 1.6M with each tank holding approx 7500L of liquid.

Powder Coating


Our Powder coating facility has 2 ovens with the largest capable of handling any part upto (W) 2.4m x(D) 5m x (H) 2.4m


We have invested a pair in the latest technology ITW Gema powder coating guns for a top class finish on our high end products.

Wet Paint


We offer industrial wet painting services done to your specification. From small projects to large we cater for anything that we can fit in our booth. Paint is applied using HVLP or airless spray to your desired colour and thickness.



We're always happy to provide any additional information about our services. Contact us on +44 7951547011+44 7951547011 or use our contact form.

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